Prati Palai is a countryside garden, nestled in the morainic hills of Bardolino, amidst green meadows, olive groves, and vineyards that rhythmically shape the surrounding landscape.

The arrangement of the outdoor spaces has been conceived as if nature itself guided the hand of man. The garden is divided into various areas with different functions, all connected by a common theme: enhancing the design of terraced countryside. The area uphill from the structure is configured as a completely open space, divided into different episodes, where one can freely stroll and fully enjoy the peculiarities of each place. The external paths that wind through the garden are made of packed earth. In particular, on the south side of the building, a pathway “protected” by two grassy banks meanders through the greenery of olive trees and natural essences, leading to the pool area. Outside the dining room, on an elevated bank compared to the aforementioned pathway, there is a welcoming space where one can have breakfast or even a simple brunch surrounded by nature.

The area in front of the building, designed as a terrace overlooking the lake, is bordered by a small collection of citrus trees, beneath which a narrow fish pond populated with trout and aquatic plants finds its place.